Who do I call about Neighborhood Watch?
Call the Crime Prevention Unit located at Victoria Mall 361-485-3808

Does the Police Department provide off-duty Police officers for Security?
Yes, Officers can be scheduled for security purposes. The only restriction is that they can not work at Bars. The cost is $30.00 per hour per officer. The Officers can be scheduled by calling the Support Services Division at 361-485-3714.

Do we need a City permit to have a Buglar Alarm installed in my Home?
No,There is no requirement for a permit however the City does have an ordinance on False Alarms. You are allowed 8 false alarms per year (not caused by weather) before you are charged for the police response. After the 8th false alarm the you are billed $60.00 for each alarm response.

I have applied for a new job and my prospective employer requires me to get a background check. Can I get it at the police department?
Yes, The police department can provide you with a Victoria Only background check, basically a check of our records for you. The cost is $7.50. If you need a criminal history report is available online from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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